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Wren Lee Keasler, born on May 21, 2003 is an actor and martial artist born in her native United States. Her parents are Anthony Keasler, and Shannon Lee is the daughter of an acclaimed martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. She is a Taurus and she’s sixteen years old.

Born into an established family, Wren is often under the spotlight, and people are interested in her personal life, work and earnings We’ll discuss the subject within this piece.

Wren Keasler’s Early Life and Background

Keasler is a member of a family with extremely multi-ethnic Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino, German, Irish, Japanese, Norwegian, Scottish, Swedish and Welsh of descent, so her ethnicity is surely mixed as well.

As you can see from the pictures posted on the web, Wren has a fit figurethat suggests she put much effort and time into how she portrays herself. Her hair is dark and has brown eyesthat complement her skin tone.

Wren Keasler Wiki Bio

Full Name Wren Keasler
Gender Female
Birth date May 21, 2003
Age Seventeen
Zodiac sign Taurus
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Profession Martial Artist
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Boyfriend There is no
Status Single
Divorce There is no
Sexuality Straight
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Education Not yet known
Mother Shannon Lee
Father Ian Keasler
Kids No
Ethnicity Mixed
Body construction Average

Wren Keasler Biography

Keasler was born on the 21st of May, 2003. She was born in Los Angeles, California. She was the daughter of Shannon Lee and Anthony Ian Keasler. Anthony Keasler is an American artist and designer. Anthony prefers an unassuming life, and therefore there isn’t much information about Anthony.

Wren Keasler
Wren Keasler

Shannon, Wren’s mother Shannon is also an acclaimed director and actress. She’s been featured in numerous films like Warrior, I Am Bruce Lee, Epoch, Martial Arts among others.

Wren Keasler Family

Wren Lee mother name is Shannon Lee. Her father was late martial arts star, Bruce Lee. Shannon is determined to follow Bruce Lee’s footsteps and has become an entrepreneur, American actress, Martial artist, and the creator for the show The Warrior.

However Wren’s father’s name was Ian Keasler who is a professional artist. Linda Lee Cadwell, her grandma, wife to Bruce Lee, works as teacher in America.

Wren Keasler’s Age

Keasler is born on May 21, 2003, in Los Angeles, California. She is currently 19 years old. young.

Wren Keasler’s Martial Arts

The love of martial arts is a part of her family. Her passion for martial arts started when she was a young child. Keasler also enjoys acting exactly like her late grandfather and mother, and, as such, is planning to enter the film industry shortly.

Is Wren Keasler Dating?

There isn’t any information currently available about the Keasler’s past relationships. She is currently single and is currently deciding to focus on her new career.

Wren Keasler Net Worth

At 17, it is not possible for teens to make millions. She is in college studying for her degree.

However, Wren is taking advantage of her mother’s earnings all-in according to certain sources is in excess of 10,000 dollars.

His grandpa Bruce Lee left around $10 million dollars when he died. death. Following his death there was a division within his clan.

According to Will, Shannon Lee, her mother, accumulated about 25% of net value. Additionally, Shannon Lee in its total holds $100 million of wealth.

Mother Shannon Lee

Shannon Emery Lee is an actor, martial artist and business person in the US. However, she is most well-known because she is her daughter Bruce Lee, a famous actor from the world, as well as a martial artist. She was also the an instructor in martial arts for the former Linda Lee Cadwell.

Wren Keasler
Wren Keasler

In her childhood, she studied in the class of Richard Bustillo, one of her teachers, her father taught her Jeet Kune Do, the martial art developed by her father. However she did not begin serious study until the latter half of the 1990s. She studied Jeet Kune Do with Ted Wong in preparation for action film roles as well as her late father’s experience.

Additionally, Shannon practiced Taekwondo with Dung Doa Liang and Wushu together with Eric Chen, and trained under the direction from Enter the Eagles’ boss, Yuen De. The film “Enter The Eagles” made her fight against Benny Urquidez, and he eventually taught her kickboxing himself.

Lee began her career as an actor with an actor on her father’s biopic film “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” in which she played the role of a party singer. Lee later appeared alongside legendary bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno in “High Voltage” as well as alongside Antonio Sabato Jr. in the direct-to-video feature film “Cage II” in 1994.

In 1998 Lee was seen with Michael Wong and Anita Yuen in the Hong Kong action film “Enter the Eagles” and produced by Corey Yuen. The film follows the story of a thief called Martin trying to steal the most valuable diamond found in the Czech Republic, the Czar’s Prism.

Lee was a guest star alongside Sammo Hung in a single episode of the TV series “Martial Law” in 1998. She also was in the sci-fi television film “Epoch” that premiered in 2001 on Sci Fi Channel in 2001. She was chief producer for 2008’s show “The The Legend of Bruce Lee” as well as”The documentary” film “How Bruce Lee Changed the World”.

She is also co-founder of the Bruce Lee Foundation, which keeps the philosophy of the martial artist.

Grandfather Bruce Lee

Lee Jun-fan born on the 27th of November 1940 and was called Bruce Lee. He was born in Hong Kong. He was an American actor as well as a producer, philosopher, martial artist and trainer. His most well-known acting roles include “The The Way of the Dragon”, “Enter the Dragon” and “Fist of Fury”.

Wren Keasler
Wren Keasler

Lee was the first to develop Jeet Kune Do, a mixed concept of martial arts that was derived from different styles of combat that is frequently credited with paving the path for modern mixed martial art.

He was thought of as one of the top martial artists ever by scholars, historians journalists, as well as fellow martial artists. He was in his most prominent in working alter the method by which Asian people were portrayed in American film.

He was listed as among the top 100 most influential individuals in the 20th century by Time magazine, and won the Founders Award posthumously at The Asian Awards in 2013.

His influence on the arts and culture was immense and there are a number of sites dedicated to him including Hong Kong, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Los Angeles.

The day before the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, Lee’s father Lee Hoi-chuen was one of the most prominent actors of the Cantonese film and opera scenes He spent a lot of time performing and traveling for Chinese communities throughout the States.

Many of his coworkers were in the US following the birth of Bruce, Bruce became a parent, Hoi-chuen emigrated into Hong Kong. Bruce’s mother, Grace Ho, was from the Ho-tungsclan, the Hong Kong’s most affluent clans.

Wren Keasler’s  Career and Social Media

There isn’t much information about Wren’s professional life but we do know she is a martial arts expert. She’s active with Facebook as well as being followed by over 700 users who seem to appreciate her posts.

Keasler uses social media channels to connect with her followers which allows them to take an in-depth view of what’s happening in the shadows. “Hi, everybody. Bruce Lee’s grandchild is present. I’m here to help preserve Bruce Lee’s legacy, which my grandfather started.”, her bio reads.

Wren Keasler Owns a Dog

Wren loves dogs, so does her father. She even has a dog that she plays with during her evenings. The dog’s name is Beanie. Beanie also has an Instagram account. Shannon has posted a photo of Beanie on her social media.

Wren Keasler’s Relationship Status

Although she is a well-known celebrity, Wren prefers keeping some items from the media including her status as a couple. The absence of any possible romantic interest on her social media has people to believe that she’s dating a man – she’s young at 19.

Wren’s Mother, Shannon Lee Is an Actress

Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee took after her father’s footsteps when she entered the world of film by becoming an actor. She has since earned an impact in the business that has led to her being offered roles in various movies.

Her first appearance was in the film ‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story which was a film featuring her father. While she had a minor role in the film, it brought her the attention she required.

Following the release of her first film, Shannon has appeared in numerous films, including Blade, Eagles, Enter the Dragon and numerous others. Shannon is committed to protecting the legacy of her father. So, she devotes her life to it. She has even created an organization that was named in honor of her father, the Bruce Lee Foundation.

Wren Keasler Career

What are we to say about Wren’s career as a teenager? old? It is most likely that she is paying focus at her school. However, some officials have stated that she would like to be as her mother. She wants to appear in movies and has already begun the process of becoming an martial artist.

Talking of her mom Shannon Lee, emerged in her father’s footsteps to make her name was recognized in films. She has played a variety of roles in a variety of films. Shannon made her debut by playing a tiny part in the biopic of her dad’s film “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’.

She then appeared in films such as Eagles, Enter the Dragon, Blade, and much more. In actual fact Wren’s mom, Shannon, is dedicating her entire life to the legacy that her dad left behind. She has also established an official charity, The Bruce Lee Foundation, in the name of her father.

Education & Favorite Things

Primary Education She finished her education at an independent high school that is located in the town of their birth.
College or University Not Known.
Qualification Studying.
Favorite Sports Horse racing and Artistic swimming.
Favorite City/Country Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Daily Habits

Work Time 10 AM to 3 PM.
Time to exercise None.
Travel time 9 PM.
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner The Breakfast Time is 9 am The Lunch Time is at 1 pm and Dinner Time is around 10 pm.


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