RCN Home WIFI  or Residential Communications Network is a really perfect internet service issuer because it offers you great speed. You can add and down load anything in a flash. However, the internet connection by means of RCN is understood to have a few issues sometimes.

The WiFi overall performance by RCN is good for watching Netflix and playing video games. It works without any lags, breaks, or downtime. RCN net services can simultaneously be used for lots gadgets with a tremendous smooth enjoy.

The fiber-wealthy community has extremely good and reliable performance, with top notch-rapid net speeds. As a end result, having solid net carrier isn’t a difficult task. Troubleshooting the RCN virtual cellphone provider and internet includes only some simple steps.

Let us check how you may restore your internet connection:

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Troubleshooting Internet Connection Problems

Troubleshooting your RCN broadband net must be an clean project. Here are a few approaches you can make sure you’ve got the most useful connection.

Restart Your RCN Cable Modem: RCN Home WIFI

First, try and see if your Wi-Fi trouble is solved by restarting your RCN router.

Steps to restart your router:

  • Disconnect the modem’s strength cable from the electrical outlet on your wall.
  • If you’re using RCN digital smartphone carrier, disconnect the battery to your telephone.
  • Wait for around 60 seconds.
  • Plug the strength cable back on the outlet.
  • Reinsert the battery in your telephone.
  • The energy light to your modem should light up. If the light does no longer light up, make sure the power cable is plugged in nicely within the lower back of the modem.

Connect your gadgets to the net and notice in case your connection is restored.

Optimize your RCN WiFi Connection

Even though RCN’s cable modem offers very smooth provider to customers, they will now and again enjoy gradual WiFi or lag in their connection. Let us have a take a look at a few ways to improve your Wi-Fi carrier:

Move Closer To The WiFi

It could be exceptional in case you moved towards the Wi-Fi signal to have a stronger WiFi connection. The ultimate way to do that is by means of setting your WiFi device inside the middle of your private home.

Furthermore, if you have a more than one-story domestic, you need to positioned it on the middle ground. Also, it’d assist in case you positioned your router in an elevated function for the great results. This may be over a shelf or desk on your workplace or dwelling room.

Reduce The Number Of Devices

Another way to overcome your internet problem is by way of decreasing the variety of devices linked for your router. If many devices are the usage of your internet simultaneously, it will have an effect on your net connection.

The bandwidth of your internet is split between the devices. Therefore, quite a few devices grow to be stressful the rate of your WiFi. Laying off on some devices will help you set up a better connection.

Set Up A Password

Your RCN Cable modem and router all come with default settings. This approach that you will have a default password for your router. However, in lots of instances, routers pop out of the cable container without a password.

Your subsequent step should be to set up a password in your WiFi. Once a password is installation, unwanted phones will not be able to connect with your WiFi.

Steps to set up a password:

  • Open a Web Browser and input your IP cope with.
  • You may be brought on to input an ID and password. Use “admin or cusadmin” as both.
  • Click on Wireless.
  • In the SSID box, set a call in your device.
  • In the WPA2 password subject, set the appropriate password in your device. Make positive that it has various and a completely unique individual.
  • Click on practice and allow the settings shop.

You will now have to join all your device to WiFi using the new password. In addition, any new telephones or gadgets will now use the brand new password to connect to your WiFi.

Contact Residential Communication Network

If all else fails and you still face troubles, you may contact RCN for helpful statistics approximately their cable modems. Visit their internet site or in-character outlet to get their guide technician’s assist.

They offer these offerings in Washington, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and the Chicago place in Illinois. In addition, RCN gives free on-line help for WiFi and TV services in case you can’t visit.


RCN has a recognition for its clean net experience and glad customers. You can file your modem problems on their website or over the cellphone, and they will attain out to you with an answer.

The business enterprise values its customers and aims to offer wonderful services. So as soon as your WiFi issues are cleared, you may pass back to binging your favourite films for your pc at the fastest internet velocity.


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