Bofa deez nuts jokes

Bofa deez nuts jokes-47 The Funniest Deez Nuts Puns

Bofa deez nuts jokes:Let’s face it, a little immaturity and a dash of dirty thinking always make for better comedy.

Here are some of the funniest and finest deez nuts jokes you can find online right now! We promise that this collection will keep you ready for every situation when you might need to have a well-known crude or poorly constructed joke on hand.

Before getting started with the list, let’s first define Bofa deez nuts jokes

A Deez Nuts Joke: What Is It?

A simple but humorous kind of humour called a “deez nuts” joke includes the following elements:

• answering any unrelated inquiry with the fabled phrase, “Deez nuts,” or by creating a clever pun that elevates this fabled expression.

Usually, it’s a technique to tease your pals or a message that you’re not interested in what’s being discussed right now. Every deez nuts joke’s main goal is to catch the other person off guard, and it succeeds at that goal most of the time.

But to what, exactly, does that phrase refer?

Deez nuts are a man’s testicles, to put it simply. We are not here to contest that jokes featuring a random cameo of man’s crown jewels are the height of humour.

How This Trend start?

Dr. Dre used this expression for the first time in 1992 on his album Chronic. However, we think Welvin Harris (also known as Welven Da Great) popularised it with this renown video of a hoax call:

We strongly urge you to view the video if you haven’t already. However, let’s get to our list right away without further ado!

The Funniest Deez Nuts Puns

Bofa deez nuts jokes
Bofa deez nuts jokes
  1. Are you a fan of dragons?:Bofa deez nuts jokes


I’m going to drag deez nuts across your face, then.


  1. You didn’t get the entire bofa on your cheek.

What is a bofa?

Bofa deez nuts (translation: both of)

  1. You must stop talking so that you don’t become like Ken.

Who, Ken?

Can you fit a deez nut in your mouth?

  1. Are you familiar with e10? the spacecraft:Bofa deez nuts jokes

What’s that, exactly?

E10 is crazy!

  1. I’m sorry, but do you enjoy Wendy’s?:Bofa deez nuts jokes

If so, why?

Excellent, you’ll enjoy it when deez nuts pelt you in the face.

  1. Guys, I just received a SoDN diagnosis!

What is that, oh no?

Stupid you crazy!

 7.You won’t believe who I spotted hanging out with


Deez crazy!

8. Can I confine the deez nuts inside of you?

Roses are red.

Covid is worse than the flu.

9. I have several vintage albums; would you like 2 CDs?

Yes, thank you, buddy!

for deez nuts to see.

10. Do you understand what tugboats are?

Well, a boat of some sort?

Yes, pull on those nuts.

  1. Sunny D orange juice is my preferred brand. How about it?

I haven’t tried Sunny D, no.

Sunny is a nutcase!

  1. Robin Williams had the lead role in the fantastic film House of D.

Really? When I have the chance, I must see it.

House of Deez is indeed insane!

13. Would you like any of my treats?

What have you got?

A nice bag of Deez Nuts!

14. Can I have your pen, please?

Why don’t you borrow some nuts, please?

  1. Where have you seen my brand-new hoodie?

The hoodie?

Who is crazy!

  1. Have you visited Chewons before?

No. Describe Chewons.

Enjoy some deez nuts.

17. Would you like to purchase ice cream?

A new flavour can be tried.

Indeed, why not?

You may check out how deez nuts taste now.

  1. Do tulips rank among your favourite flowers?

Not really, no.

That’s strange. Your two lips on deez nuts will make you swoon!

  1. I’m curious what will happen to DN following the election.

Who is DN?

Nutz Deez!

20. Today I met a visitor from out of town. They come from Ugondese.

Where is that country, I’ve never heard of it?

Oh, simply Google “Ugon Deez Nuts”

 21. I require a few of these.:Bofa deez nuts jokes

What are some of?

a few of the nuts.

  1. Are you familiar with Putin?

Of sure, I say.

Put in the deez nuts, then!

23. Why are B and C frightened of D?

Since you’re nuts!

  1. You reportedly received two Ds in arithmetic.:Bofa deez nuts jokes

My answer is no. You heard that somewhere, right?

You’re a nutcase, man!

25.Hey, Dee asked about you this morning.

So who is Dee?

Nuts Deez!

26. Have you watched the brand-new film Bofa?:Bofa deez nuts jokes

Bofa? What’s the matter?

Deez nuts, Bofa.

27 Do you enjoy parodies?

Yes, in a certain way.

You will absolutely adore a pair of deez nuts, though!

28. Have you ever attended a trade show?:Bofa deez nuts jokes

Indeed, I adore expos!

then expose deez nuts!

  1. I’m sorry, do you like pudding?

Why do you ask? Most likely yes.

What about eating pudding deez nuts?

 30. Is it true that you enjoy Suko?:Bofa deez nuts jokes

Who the heck is Suko?

You’re nuts, dude!

31. Hey dude, do you understand what a 24 is?

Eight I suppose.

Eight deez nuts, then!

32. Are you famished? Do you want to get a bite to eat?:Bofa deez nuts jokes

Yes, of course.

You may, however, partake of some of the nuts.

33 Do you enjoy watching the New York Yankees?

Not a big fan, no.

Why don’t you pull on deez nuts?

34. Have you been following the events in Norway?:Bofa deez nuts jokes

No, what took place?

Your mouth may fit Norway deez nuts.

35 Hey, are you a fan of Chef Boyardee?

One who?

Cook Boy

Are-Deez nuts delicious!

36. Have you met Candice?:Bofa deez nuts jokes

Who’s Candice?

Can you fit a deez nut in your mouth?

37. Dee seems to be after me, I suppose.

What is Dee?

Nuts Deez!

38. Have you met Phillip, my friend?:Bofa deez nuts jokes

Who is Philip?

Phillip is nuts on.

39. My drink may include a goblin, I believe.

What? An ogre?

Goblin deez crazy, indeed!

 40. I had a question for you regarding Kenya.:Bofa deez nuts jokes


How did Kenya get you to eat deez nuts?


  1. Incredibly! They have been a couple for for 30 years!

Qui has?

Deez crazy!

 42 Do you know a man named Barry?

True, I do.

Barry is indeed insane!

 43. Go sit there on that.:Bofa deez nuts jokes

a seat for what?

Hold on to your nuts!

 44. We haven’t gone out with Heidi in a very long time.

Is it a familiar face? I’ve never met Heidi.

You can, however, conceal deez nuts.

45. All we have is hope.:Bofa deez nuts jokes

What are you referring to?

I sincerely hope deez nuts fit in your mouth.


46. Landon is a wild guy, number

Describe Landon.

Landon is crazy!


  1. Are you up for a game?

What game?

Bofa deez nuts jokes
Bofa deez nuts jokes

Deez nuts are for laugh.:Bofa deez nuts jokes

We hope you had a fantastic time laughing and are now prepared to irritate your friends with your fresh batch of jokes. What’s your favourite deez nuts joke? We’d love to hear from you now.

Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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